To participate in the admission test and to the appointment of the facilitated boarding fees, send your application form on-line through  MyCollege. MyCollege is the on-line platform that accompanies you in the admission itinerary.

How to register leggi

Once you've registered with your username and your password, follow the instructions on MyCollege. Fill in the form and attach the necessary documentation

Attach to the online platform all the necessary documentation and reserve the session for your admission test. The documentation that can't be put online can be brought directly the day of the test. The admission test consists in interviews, a presentation of the reality of the college and of the formative project, a presentation of the group dynamicas and some aptitude tests. No previous preparation  is necessary for these tests. 

The necessary documentation is: passport phot, school reports of the last three years; a certificate of the last year school final exam; certificates proving the level of your foreign languages and everything else you might consider relevant for your promotion. If you're already enrolled at university bring a certificate of your exams and grades diploma.